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    Natural Transdermal Magnesium Gel Roll On 80ml

    Studies have found that Magnesium can be absorbed through the skin to assist with many daily conditions.

    Conditions such as muscle cramping, muscle fatigue, sleeplessness and post sports recovery may benefit from regular use of Magnesium Gel.

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    Natural Epsom Salts 900gm

    A Food Grade Epsom Salt provides assurance that the production process and the end product are of the highest standards so you can enjoy that bath, spa, or float knowing you are soaking in some of the purest Epsom Salt available.

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    Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts 800gm

    Immerse yourself in the Dead Sea’s healing waters at home, for a completely unique, restorative spa experience.

    Nutrients and minerals help reset your skin’s inner balance, ease muscle tension and ensure every bath leaves you feeling refreshed with incredibly soft skin.

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    Lemon Myrtle Hand Sanitiser 50ml

    Enriched with soothing organic aloe vera, hydrating glycerin & refreshing Australian lemon myrtle.

    This gel base will help keep your hands feeling clean, fresh and soft without water, anywhere, anytime.

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    For a natural healthy skin, essential cream is soothing, protecting, repairing, healing, moisturising and anti-bacterial.

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  • Manuka Recovery Balm 120ml
    Manuka Recovery Balm 120ml

    Manuka Recovery Balm combines:

    Manuka Honey

    Celery Seed Oil

    Arnica Oil

    Boswellia Oil

    Eucalyptus Oil

    Turmeric Oil

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  • 316 Stainless Steel (Marine Grade) Clothes Pegs (20pk)
    316 Stainless Steel (Marine Grade) Clothes Pegs (20pk)
    • 20 Pack of Pegs in a Calico Bag.
    • Made from 1.7mm wire and 5.8cm long.
    • Eco-friendly – No Plastic
    • Indoor / Outdoor use
    • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
    • Will not rust
    • Long Lasting.
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    Australian Fortified Olive Oil Extract 25ml

    Rich in squalene, fatty acids, antioxidants and phytosterols makes this extract ideal for direct skin application or use in making other body care products.

    It will nourish, regenerate, dry and inflamed skin.

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    Manuka Essential Oil 10ml








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    Organic Arnica Oil 25ml – Arnica infused oil is soothing nourishing to the skin.

    Can be applied directly to your skin or used in making your own skin or body care products.

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    Hydrating Lotion offers the ultimate in moisture delivery to dehydrated, dry and rough skin.

    Emu Oil is combined with plant extracts to effectively revitalise and rejuvenate neglected skin.

    Rapidly penetrates to provide intense nourishment for the hands, nails and body without leaving any oil residue.

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    The HEMP SISAL cleaner eliminates the Nylon or micro plastics that can end up in our environment, our oceans and us.

    Hemp Sisal cleaner works best when wet – may be a bit stiff to use if used dry.

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