AloeGrow Bio-Fermented Fertiliser 250ml

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Naturally Fermented Organic Bio-Fertilizer & Soil Improver,

250mls makes 125 litres of finished fertilizer from concentrate.

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Grasses of Life AloeGrow is a premium high quality Aloe Vera Liquid Soil Improver / Fertilizer and Aloe Raw Material that’s sourced from rich volcanic soil in tropical Bali. AloeGrow is unique Organic Liquid Fertilizer which has the perfect balance of Aloe Vera, Seaweed, Molasses and Functional Microorganisms to feed your plants.

AloeGrow is a complete Biofertilizer with micro nutrients, amino acids, plant growth regulators, enzymes and humic acid. AloeGrow will assist your soil fertility for sustainable farming and agriculture no matter what the size of your project!