Black Spruce Oil 10ml – Organic

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Anti infectious, anti mycotic, anti parasitic, aerial antiseptic

Antispasmodic, antitussive reducing the coughing reflex, assists expectoration and the expulsion of mucus from the trachea or the bronchi

Anti inflammatory

Hormone mimetic: cortisone mimetic

General tonic, allows for a good general neurotonic fitness, refills the solar plexus


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Processing method: Steam distillation needles and branches of Picea mariana

Family: Abietacea

Odor: Fresh, resinous and balsamic

Origin: Canada

For informational purpose only. Because pure essential oils are so
powerful, it is extremely important to follow dilution rates, instructions,
and safety precautions. Never swallow undiluted essential oils without the
recommendation of a certified aromatherapist or a healthcare practitioner