Grapefruit Oil 10ml

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Therapeutic properties for skin and hair care

Aerial antiseptic

Digestive stimulant, liver and kidney drainer, detoxifying, it helps eliminating over eating

Draining, diuretic and cleansing, it eliminates fluid retention problems and fosters slimming

Lipolytic, it enhances the ability for adipose cells to get rid of the fat they contain

Nervous tonic

Relaxing, it eases muscle pain

Slows down hair loss

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Processing method: Expression without heating from the [peel of Citrus paradisi Macfadyen

Family: Rutaceae

Odor: Sweet, fruity and peeled

Origin: USA

For informational purpose only. Because pure essential oils are so
powerful, it is extremely important to follow dilution rates, instructions,
and safety precautions. Never swallow undiluted essential oils without the
recommendation of a certified aromatherapist or a healthcare practitioner