Lavender Officinalis Oil 10ml

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The perfume of the the true lavender essential oil is more intense than that of the fine lavender – greater presence of camphor.

This lavender is useful in little everyday problems and has the same indications as the fine lavender.

True lavender is grown at a lower altitude than fine lavender. It is therefore more resistant and common, hence its lower price. It is more versatile than fine lavender and less specific regarding its psycho-emotional properties.

Antispasmodic and muscle relaxant

Regulatory of the nervous system

General disinfectant and pulmonary disinfectant

Benefits the heart by its cardio tonic action, soothes heart nerves and is hypotensive

Strong dermal healer and regenerates skin and skin tissue in external use

Anti inflammatory, analgesic (pain relief)

Soothing, sedative, relaxing, anti depressant

Purifying on both psychic and physical levels

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Processing method: Steam distillation from the flowering top of Lavandula officinalis

Family: Lamiacees

Odor: Rural, floral and herbaceous

Origin: France

For informational purpose only. Because pure essential oils are so
powerful, it is extremely important to follow dilution rates, instructions,
and safety precautions. Never swallow undiluted essential oils without the
recommendation of a certified aromatherapist or a healthcare practitioner