Myrtle (Red) Essential Oil 10ml – Organic

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Red Myrtle essential oil is renowned for its antispasmodic qualities. Rich in myrtenyl acetate it is also used for its positive properties on venous and lymphatic circulation. Breathe it in to help going to sleep and to clear the respiratory tract.

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Red Myrtle is a small bush with evergreen leaves and very aromatic. Originating in the Mediterranean basin, it grows wild in dry, sunny scrubland.

There are two varieties of myrtle, green and red. Both varieties are rich in 1.8-cineole and therefore boasts anti-infectious properties while also being efficient against congestion of the upper respiratory tract.

Red myrtle (Myrtus communis CT myrtenyl acetate) originates from Morocco.

Green myrtle (Myrtus communis CT cineole) originates from Corsica.

Red myrtle is less anti-spasmodic and better for breathing while also being richer in myrtenyl acetate and having good circulation properties.