Rose Floral Water 125ml

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Processing method : steam distillation from flowers of Rosa damascena (ORGANIC)
Family : Rosacées
Odor : Fresh, strong
Origin : Morocco

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Astringent, it tones and restores radiance to the skin.
Anti-wrinkle, it contributes to regenerate the skin and prevent effects of ageing and tiredness.
Antiseptic and regulatory: its properties assist in the treatment of acne and in balancing sebum in dry and oily skins.
Calming and refreshing, soothes irritations and redness.
Its subtle and fresh perfume enhances your home cosmetics.

Pure: as an air spray or directly on the skin, hair, linen, curtains…
Incorporated in all your cosmetic formulae: face mask, eye contour cream, body lotion
As a compress to alleviate congestion in swollen eyes
In bath water