Scot Pine Oil 10ml – Organic

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Fights hypotension

Anti-inflammatory effect and “cortisone-like” anti inflammatory

Antiseptic, expectorant and decongestant of the respiratory tract

Rubefacient (heats muscles and calms the pain)

Average antibacterial

Lymphatic, venal and uteri-ovarian decongestant

Immunity and hormone stimulant


Fights against physical and nervous weariness

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Processing method: Steam distillation from the leaves of Pinus sylvestris L

Family: Pinaceae

Odor: Note of terpene, slightly lemony and rising

Origin: France

For informational purpose only. Because pure essential oils are so
powerful, it is extremely important to follow dilution rates, instructions,
and safety precautions. Never swallow undiluted essential oils without the
recommendation of a certified aromatherapist or a healthcare practitioner